ESOP Tech manufacture kinds of optic filters include blue glass, absorbing IR cut filter and OLPF. We also provide the customized product services to satisfy customers and add the product value of customer. 。

1. Committing to provide customer satisfaction optical component ;Towards a world-class manufacturer of optical materials.
2. Accelerate the development of brand awareness ; Develop the high value-added products and markets to ensure competitive advantage.
3. Efforts to improve the produce process; Extensive use of e-Effectiveness ; Enhance business performance and customer satisfaction.
4. With an excellent management team ; Pursuit of business continuity and growth.

1. To increase the product value and color quality of the customers through providing the them with the leading edge technology and service.
2. To increase company competence and value through quality first policy and customers trust.
3. Sustainable development, customer satisfaction first, employee caring & win-win partnership with business partners.
4. Protecting environment & caring society.